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Are you available for our wedding?


We tend to get booked 12-18 months in advance, but some dates remain open longer than others. Why not use the enquiry form  email us at [email protected]otography.biz or call us on 0116 276 9226


Do you travel for weddings?


Yes, we love to travel all over the U.K. and abroad. 


Are there additional travel charges?


Scottish weddings are £100 extra for fuel costs and b&b accommodation.


Do you require a deposit?


Yes, a £250 non refundable deposit is required in order to make a booking. The balance is due 14 days prior to your wedding date. Please remember that dates are limited. It's first-come first-serve upon the receipt of the deposit and contract.


Payment methods?


We accept cheques and debit cards but find the easiest method of payment bank transfer.


Are there any additional charges after the wedding that we should know about?


The details of the price and package are clearly stated in our contract. Unless you require further services or products not included in our contract, the stated price is all you pay.


Is there a contract?


Yes, the terms of our insurance requires us to have a contract with each and every client we work with. like the deposit, your date is not considered booked until we receive a signed contract.


Are you insured?


Yes, we are fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity coverage.


What time do you arrive?


As a guide we arrive with the bride approximately 2 hours before the ceremony time.


What time do you leave?


Our standard coverage is based around a 5 hour day. this usually gets us to you entering the room for your the main dinner. we have been know to stick around for speeches if they’re happening before any food comes out. If we’re booked for the extended coverage, we stay until after the first dance.


Do you require a dinner?


Yes, please! It’s a busy day normally without breaks for food. It is greatly appreciated that a meal is arranged with the venue for the photographer.


How many photos can we expect?


We commit to 300+ photos, but truth is couples tend to get many more.


Can we get more photos on top of your selection?


We choose the photos for your collection using a few methods and criteria, our philosophy is that if a photo passes the muster it will be included in your collection. Any photos that do not make the final selection will not be shown or made available.


How long until our photos are ready?


Around 6-8 weeks


Do we get copyright over our images?


Copyright is a complicated issue and many times can be misunderstood. Basically stunning photography keeps copyright but grants clients the right to do practically anything with their photos outside of commercial use.


You are based in Leicester, which is a long way from me, is this a problem?


We cover the whole of England at no extra cost to you. When shooting weddings abroad we will ask for travel and accommodation to be covered. Scottish weddings are £100 extra for fuel costs and accommodation.


What happens if you are ill or can't attend on my wedding day?


This has never happened. However in the unlikely event that we can't attend your wedding day, we will do our best to find a replacement for you. We only turn to proven and trusted photographers and you would be kept informed of the situation at all times.


We would like to meet you to discuss our requirements and see your wedding albums/portfolio. Does this have to take place in Leicester, our home or wedding venue and how much will it cost?


Consultations are free of charge in Leicester and can be arranged in the evenings if required. Consultations at your home or wedding venue outside of Leicester are charged at 33p per mile to and from LE51QU. A visit to your wedding venue can be invaluable.

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